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Cooks Who Care is a Philly-based organization that supports the well-being of people working in all facets of the food & beverage industry. Founded by Chefs Maria & Scott Campbell, Cooks Who Care is dedicated to building a community that supports employers and employees as they strive to prioritize physical, mental & financial health both on and off the job.

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These days, a key component of any wellness plan has to be health insurance. We're proud to announce that Cooks Who Care will be offering health insurance in the new year! We want to share the community coverage plans we've researched, which we believe are the perfect match for business owners, individuals & families, part-time workers, and small businesses, especially those with fewer than 50 employees. Join us for a Town Hall Event on Wednesday, Nov. 20th to see for yourself what we are talking about, ask questions and offer feedback before it rolls out. 

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C.A.R.E. Wellness Program
 Care About Restaurant Employees

Join Cooks Who Care as we stand up to support the health of F & B professionals.  As your well-being concierge, we want to connect you affordable health care options and wellness vendors/speakers who understand your unique challenges; yoga/meditation experts, fitness instructors, nutrition experts, financial advisors and more as you launch you and your team's wellness journey. 

As chefs and food and beverage professionals ourselves, we know how hard it is to stay healthy in this industry. We’re building an interactive community of peers, experts, and resources so we can support those who want to focus on their health while keeping up with increasing demands in their professional lives.


We want to unite people around a shared vision of making wellness a top priority. ​  

About Us

Cooks Who Care is a community-minded food industry group working to develop a supportive network for forward-thinking food and beverage leaders. Founded by cooks who really do care, we are starting in our hometown of Philadelphia, with the goal of growing our social impact, collective nationally.



The food industry is outdated and needs an overhaul.  We activate our shared energy by organizing out-of-the-box experiences to showcase new opportunities to grow personally and professionally within a diverse and ever-changing workforce through prioritizing well-being. 


We have partnered with My Benefit Advisor to develop an exclusive Employee Benefits and Insurance Program for Cooks Who Care members and their employees! Yes, you read that right! Coming in 2020, you will be able to get affordable health insurance for yourself and your staff through Cooks Who Care.


As your Well-Being Concierge, our goal is to improve culture norms in our industry fostering healthy lifestyles, providing community resources to build career longevity, and by creating a positive vision of the food industry as a profession, not just a job.  We drive change by collaborating with community partners who share our passion for a sustainable future.  


Check out storytelling platforms highlighting those in the industry: YouTube Channel and Instagram Stories.  



(photo by Chef Scott Sumsky, Founders: Maria + Scott Campbell )

We Connect You to Wellness



A new wellness benefit program in 4 categories: Food, Fitness, Stress Relief, & Finance.  The Wellness Program will launch Jan 2020 which will include an exclusive health insurance benefit to encourage health and retain employees.  Employers can care for their staff members, owners can care for themselves, and staff can tap into corporate wellbeing classes, healthy food snacks to continue healthier habits.



People are the most vital component of our group’s success. You can show how people are valued, appreciated and cared for.  Tap into win/win wellness collaborations to use as a retention tool. Together we can help others feel less alone with their unique challenges by providing community-based resources to serve busy working professionals.



 We are a (B2B) Business to Business community.  As a food industry network, you can create personalized relationships with other industry professionals who understand your work demands.  Our growing list of Chef/Nutrition Ambassadors is here to help you succeed in new healthy-living outcomes.  Become a vendor and access our audience to support them in their new goals.

Welcome to CWC

 Inspiring new healthy kitchen cultures. Let's foster a culture of CARE together.

Difficult conversations revealed.
Stress Relief
Yoga, Meditation + more. Explore your city, wellness ideas w/ us.
Pop-up Events
Network and connect w/ those in your sector you would never otherwise meet because you are working all the time. No pressure networking, we make friendships.
Chefs/Nutrition experts are sharing their wellness tips to help you succeed.
We work with those in our community together, sharing resources.
YouTube Channel
2-hr excursions
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Community Support


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Difficult conversations revealed.

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