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Feature Presenters

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Industry Wellness Expo + Block Party

Outdoor Yoga, Personal + Business Finance tips, Clean-Eating, Low ABV, Non-alcoholic Drink recipes, Aerobic Kickboxing, Pain-free living, Nutrition & Behavioral Health Advice, Meditation, Jungshing Korean Sword Exercise by Elizabeth Falkner and more. 

Food/BEv+Exercise +Education Preview

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Jungshin Exercise

1:30 pm

Jungshin (“Focused mind”) is a w-arrior wellness workout. Chefs play with knives, they will play with swords.   Handling the sword fires up your arms, shoulders, and core.  Embrace your inner ninja with a movement exercise that allows for the mind to take a break.  

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Elizabeth Falkner

Find Your Fit

Zakti Fitness

1:00 pm

We are innovative body architects building personalized blueprints for lifelong health and well-being. Undo the damage from poor posture and improper repetitive motion while strengthening functional movement patterns you can apply in everyday life.



Pete Mattis

Cutting Edge Stage

Spirit Free & Low ABV  

1:00 pm

Discover new trends for spirit-free & low ABV beverages and get inspired by Nick Elmi’s latest project for carefully crafted drink options made without alcohol. More and more restaurants are putting thought into zero-proof drinks that offer an alternative to booze. 




Jane Frye + Maria Polise

Get Involved

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Feature Products

Have a Local Product?

Expose your amazing local business and brand to our 300-350 Food & Bev. attendees.

Wellness Vendor

Local Wellness Biz?

Introduce others to wellness. Treat guests to learn more about your business and/or how to splurge on themselves.

Health Steward

Become a Health Steward

Food establishments are stepping up to showcase how they care about their employees. Staff can join our Well-being movement + get a t-shirt.