We offer the Philly food industry out-of-the-box opportunities to co-create experiences with food industry peers that are not stuffy! We seek to become more than our job titles: more than a manager, more than a cook. Together, we step out of our comfort zones and seek new experiences for ourselves, in contrast to the serving of others we do on the job and promote diverse working environments, operators and off the beaten path locations.  


Renew the sense of yourself, feel relaxed, include those you care about who are affected by the culture of the food industry and enjoy our small venue format meetups. Our group is concerned about the current state of the food industry. We are a savvy group, community-minded, under supported and heavily over-worked.


Share a hobby

Share a space

Share a product

Co-host unexpected excursions, after-hour hangouts.  Go beyond stuffy networking events instead help others connect to what you care about with people who want to try something new & seek improved wellness too. 

Meet food industry & business neighbors at your home base on slow days.  Get introduced to people outside your current circles, people who understand the 

stressors of your daily work life.  We invite, plan & promote.

We act as community stewards to support local businesses, independent or locally owned.  Through collaboration, we provide additional visibility through event/video engagement opportunities to food neighbors who care too. 

Contact Us

Philadelphia, PA chefmaria@cookswhocareinspire.com   Tel: 484-832-2065

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