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2019 CWC Wellness Ambassadors

Karen Nicolas, Chef

Working Towards Wellness Together, Because We Care!

Introducing our CWC Ambassadors Team! This group of highly motivated individuals know how hard it is to pursue wellness while working long hours and living hectic lives coming soon to Cooks Who Care's, IGTV and YouTube Channel in 2019.  Our Wellness Benefit Program will include 4 pillars: Food, Fitness, Refresh and Financial aspects. 
Look for quick recipes, workout ideas, financial tips & wellness plans from:

  • Elizabeth Falkner:  World-recognized chef, author, and artist, President of WCR. 

  • Kriti Sehgal - Sponsoring Wellness Partner & Owner of Philly’s Pure Fare

  • Karen Nicolas - Chef with a healthy cooking focus, experience in auto-immune disease food wellness, meditation, Ayurveda

  • Christopher Kearse - Chef/Owner previously of  Will BYOB and opening Forsythia with a focus on weight-lifting

  • Brian Oliveira - Chef & Food Industry Advocate, balanced lifestyle focus

  • Lauren Pursell – Certified Nutrition & Health Coach, owner of Rock Ur Unique

  • Olivia Neely RDN, LD- Health Professional with a focus on Functional Health

  • Gregory Headen- Executive Chef, South Jazz Kitchen with a focus on fitness routines.

  • Kelly McKeown - Chef at with a focus on local farmed foods & CrossFit

  • Naimah Rutling – Chef/Fitness Instructor with a focus on healthy food & fitness

  • Isidore Ogoussan, ChFC ®- Financial Wellness Advisor for food industry with a focus on retirement, insurance and business planning.

  • Brian Tucker - FOH training professional and Financial Wellness Advisor with a focus on personal finance, savings and reducing debt.


CWC Founder - Maria Campbell, CWC, MBA

"Get Back on Your List"

A new webcast series to be published on Cooks Who Care’s YouTube Channel and IG TV in 2019, where health-focused food professionals (who understand the work demands required from the food industry) will demonstrate quick how-to-videos to help busy workers get back on their own to-do list.  

Topics featured by our CWC Wellness Ambassadors will include:


Making portable lunches/Night-before breakfast prep. Time-saving techniques to include health food. 


How to add exercise into your daily routine/Simple starter workouts.


Get help making short-term and long-term goals. Make incremental changes with supportive peers.


Kickstart your inner flame by gaining a new source of energy through motivated peers who understand your work demands.