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Release fears of networking, just hang out with people who understand your work demands because they are in the food biz. Go beyond the daily grind and get outside your four walls.  In small groups change up your social scene, go to new places with people who care.  We're changing the landscape of the food industry, one conversation at a time.  


Our goal is to impact and improve the food industry.  Solution-focused, we've grown a network of forward-thinking individuals who also want to improve cultural norms within our industry.  We do so by fostering healthy lifestyles and inspire new ways of doing things and videotape our experiences.  We engage in real conversation and connect authentically.  100% organic, 100% authentic.

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Listen to mentors who care about you want you to avoid mistakes, and get inspired while never feeling alone.

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It's hard to care for your own needs when you are just working all of the time. You work hard. Eliminate isolation, find solutions and feel re-fueled because that's what people who care do.

New 2019

Our goal is to help change the unhealthy living styles that many busy people live with by getting inspired by our community.

 CWC Wellness Ambassadors

Health-focused food professionals (who understand the work demands required from the food industry) will demonstrate quick how-to-videos "Get Back on Your List" to help busy workers get back on their own to-do list.  Full list to release soon.